Why have I thought to give a go for a blog?

I guess I have three main reasons.

1) The first reason is to share my observations and thoughts about different cultures and social phenomena  – and if possible to hear others’ views on these topics.

As I’m currently doing an internship in a small Polish town I’ve been lately thinking a lot about
– cultural differences
– how is it like to live & work in a foreign country and foreign culture, especially when you speak only few words of the local language
– my own culture & my habits; which part of it comes from my personality, which from the customs of my family, which from Finland, which from Scandinavia and so on.

Especially regarding the last one I’d be really interested to hear opinions on Scandinavian/Slavic/European culture. If there happens to be someone who’d like to comment Finnish culture the views are of course more than welcome also on that topic!

I like to get to know different kinds of cultures and people and think about the reasons behind the action. I like to do this as well abroad as back home in Finland, but when you’re abroad you’re paying more attention to your surroundings and seeing more things.  The same thing happens when you have a (foreign) friend visiting your home town and you take a walk with him/her … and that’s when you start looking your own home town like a tourist and seeing things you had never  noticed before( … like a statue of Lenin, in my case…).

When I’m abroad I love to notice some small details that are different than back home. I also get my kicks of noticing how some far away countries and cultures may surprisingly share some customs or beliefs that might be unknown for their neigbouring countries! You can then see if you like best your own way or the other way of doing things – and in some cases you might be able to import the good practices back home with you!

2) The second reason for my blog is that I thought I could share some tips and thoughts about travelling. Some useful links and some places I liked.

3) The third reason, less precisely defined, would be just sharing in altogether the things which give me kicks! It would be great if someone reading my blog found there new ideas or new sources of inspiration. And vice versa – I’m always interested in new ideas what to do and how to do the familiar things in a new way,  so I would be interested to read your comments!

There’s also the “extra reason” that a blog gives me an opportunity to work on my written expression (especially in English), as nowadays it’s limited in writing emails and sometimes a diary (in Finnish). In addition to Finnish and English I also speak French, Swedish and German so you’re very welcome to comment also in these languages! (although my written expression in those languages is more on the “emailing to friends” level!)

I hope you will enjoy the travel with me!